Roaring Toyz Debuts “Inside Out” Ninja 1000

Unlike typical builds, which feature a black frame with chrome accents, this Ninja has a chrome frame with black accessories.

The Ninja 1000 is part of a four-bike build project that Roaring Toyz boss Robert Fisher is undertaking in conjunction with Kawasaki Motorcycles USA. Roaring Toyz already debuted their customized Kawasaki Vaquero during Daytona Bike Week, and the other two bikes include a ZX-10 and a Z-1000.

Fisher handed the frame of his latest creation, the custom Ninja 1000, over to Sport Chrome for a complete chrome job. From there, Fisher rebuilt the bike with a long list of blacked-out custom touches.

“For years, builders have been adding chrome accents to sportbikes, so I wanted to do just the opposite,” says Fisher. “Murdered out bikes are popular right now, but the chrome frame adds just the right amount of flash to the Ninja.”

The rear end of the Ninja got two inches of stretch from a Roaring Toyz 240 swingarm with self bracing. The wheels are a gorgeous set of PM Black Ops Boss wheels. They are contrast cut with a rough, flat-black finish highlighted by gloss black inserts.

Among the Roaring Toyz accessories on the Inside Out Ninja are a set of grab bar block-off covers. Fisher felt that the stock grab bars detracted from the sleek styling of the 2011 Ninja 1000, so he designed the block-off covers to show off the clean lines of the tail.

Like the other accessories, the grab bar block-off covers are in stock and available for Roaring Toyz customers. Of course, that should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with Fisher’s style. He develops parts not just for one-time use on a Roaring Toyz custom, but as production parts that anyone can order for their own ride. Fisher has been Kawasaki’s favorite custom builder since he debuted the first custom ZX-14 in 2006, and the factory counts on Roaring Toyz to produce high-quality, stylish custom parts for their line of motorcycles.

Other Roaring Toyz custom touches on the Ninja include a radial-mount rear brake kit and chrome radial-mount front brake calipers, stainless steel brake lines, a custom billet front brake reservoir, fully adjustable lowering links, a chrome quick-release gas cap, and black anodized Hustler billet grips.

To add the perfect finishing touch, Roaring Toyz go-to painter Ryan Hathaway gave the Ninja a flat black paint job, adding candy blue and silver graphics for just a splash of color.

The Roaring Toyz Ninja 1000 will be on display at the Indianapolis GP, August 26-29.

The bike, along with other custom Roaring Toyz sportbikes, will also play a role in all of the ICON Limiter shows: the stunt riders will use the custom bikes to escort the models to the ICON stage. Roaring Toyz customs, ICON stunt riders, models, and music, all rolled into one giant mobile party: does it get any better?

For Fisher, it’s all about letting people get a hands-on experience. “This program has three key elements,” he says of his partnership with Kawasaki. “Transforming these motorcycles into gorgeous custom creations that showcase all the possibilities of a custom Kawasaki, documenting the build-up process step-by-step and sharing this content with consumers on the Roaring Toyz website, Facebook page, and our new blog, and touring these bikes around the country so people can see them in person.”

So check out this latest custom from Roaring Toyz, or go online to not only order the parts to customize your own ride, but to get tips from the master sportbike builder himself, Robert Fisher.

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Roaring Toyz 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 Specs:

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