Custom Kawasaki ZX14R Limited Edition with Our New Step Over Series 240 Billet Single Sided Swingarm Kit


Our new Step Over Series Billet Single Sided Swingarm is a showpiece so what better way to display it then on this 2015 Kawasaki ZX14R Limited Edition Custom. For this bike our customer wanted to keep it classy while still having some custom RT flair. He decided he wanted a wider 240MM rear wheel tire combo but wanted minimal stretch to keep handling good and allow for wheelies. We designed and machined this beautiful +2 Over single sided arm to fit his needs. Our billet single sided 240 swingarms are available in extended lengths from +2 to +12 over stock length. Each swingarm is designed and built specifically to customer specifications and take 6-12 weeks for production.


We were very happy with our customers direction keeping the swingarm short and sweet so we suggested a set of Performance Machine Assault wheels for this project. These wheels are light weight with stepped lip and offer the lightest weight and best performance of any 240 wheel available. [side note: these wheels are no longer available from PM we just happened to have a set] These wheels in the black Anodized finish helped keep the classy performance style look our customer was going for. We wrapped the PM wheels in Pirelli Diablo tires the rear of course being the XXL 240 version.


Next came time to add some power. Our customer requested adding an M4 complete GP style exhaust. He wanted to also have a quick shift added to the bike. We suggested running a host of Bazzaz electronics to handle the fuel mapping and quick shift set ups. After adding the Bazzaz ZFI TC which includes fuel mapping, traction control and a quick shifter we mapped the unit. The combination of Bazzaz and the Mp made a healthy 196 H.P.  Not too bad for a big wheel bike to run with! Also have to mention we added the VooDoo billet rear sets crate shift linkage allowing the quick shifter to be linked to the big ZX14R. A set of our ZX14 Billet Lowering Links and our ZX14 rear peg mount license plate bracket were added to clean things up a bit more.


Overall we are more then satisfied with this fine example of a custom Limited Edition Kawasaki ZX14R. Custom enough to stand out from the norm at the same time keeping it classy while still providing plenty of user friendly power and handling. We are always happy to work with our customers to bring them style and performance. Give us a call to get your project started.

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