Raked Headlight Bezel Spacers for Harley Touring Bikes with 7″ Light

Chrome Harley Raked Headlight Bezel Street Glide Road King Electra Glide Classic UltraWhen you rake your frame on a Harley Davidson Touring bike for a larger 26″ or 30″ wheel the headlight will now point to the sky. We have an easy, simple to install, affordable solution. Our Raked Headlight Bezel wedge sits behind your headlight and ring and is available in Chrome Plated or Black Powdercoated finishes.

Raked Headlight Bezel Chrome Harley TouringRaked Headlight Wedge Bezel Harley Touring FLH FLHXOur trick Raked Headlight Adaptor works on all Harleys with 7″ Light including Road King, Streetglide, Electraglide, Tri Glide and other models. Works with 26″ and 30″ wheel conversion kits and gets your light beam pointed where it should…straight!

Harley Raked Headlight Bezel Streetglide Road King ElectraGlide classicRaked Billet Headlight Bezel 26 30 wheel Streetglide Road King Electraglide Ultra Classic Black

Buy them in our online store for only $224.99 at http://www.buynowroaringtoyz.com/Headlight_s/1125.htm

Also check out our 7 Inch All In One Headlight which has Amber LED bulbs inside the headlight on either side of the light bulb. This makes a great upgrade for any Harley with a 7″ headlight. With the turn signals integrated to the headlight it helps clean up the side of your Streetglide, Road King, Electraglide or other bike with 7″ headlight!

All In One Custom HeadlightStreetglide Electra Glide Ultra Classic Road King Headligth with Trun Signals

For more information or to order call us at 941-953-4423 or email Brad@roaringtoyz.com



New Hayabusa Lowering Triple Tree Clamps Now Available


Hayabusa lowering triple tree clampWe are proud to announce 2 brand new styles of lowering top triple trees for the 1999-2015 Suzuki Hayabusa model. These new upper triple clamps are produced here in house in the USA on our state of the art 5 axis CNC machines and have our years of racing and custom building experience integrated. This gives you the best looking, solid performing, safest tree for your Hayabusa.

RTS710CCB Hayabusa Race Light Weight Contrast Cut Triple TreeFirst of the two new clamps is our “Race Weight” Pocketed tree. On this clamp we designed the outside profile of the tree to be as small as possible while still covering up enough of the lower tree to provide superb looks. We then pocketed the top of the tree with a 3D ball milling process digging out excess material for lighter weight while adding a cool 3d CNC milled effect for precision looks. Lastly we pulled the handlebars back at an angle that provides less wind drag while also leaving clearance for lock to lock streering without your levers touching the inner fairing.  CNC machined, hand polished, then black anodized and remachined a ton of love goes into our product before it makes its way onto your bike!

RTS710HEB Billet Hayabusa Engraved Lowering Triple Tree Clamp 99-15Our second new top triple tree clamp was also designed with the same outside profile and pulled back handlebar design for lock to lock steering lever clearance. This clamp we engraved the Hayabusa logo with a cool cnc machined tool path to keep the hayabusa loyal fans happy and making the logo really look good!

Our new Suzuki Hayabusa Upper Triple Trees are available on our online store and fit all 1999-2015 GSX1300R Models. Give us a call with any questions at 941-953-4423 email at brad@roaringtoyz.com or buy them here


Hayabusa Tripe Trees fit all 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008. 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 Suzuki Models



New Needle Bearing Lowering Links for 2004-2007 Honda CBR1000RR

Honda CBR1000RR Lowering Link 2004-2007It has taken us way to long but we have finally released our high end needle bearing lowering links for 2004-2007 Honda CBR1000RR owners who want the best links money can buy!  While there are tons of lowering links on the market for the CBR1000 Fireblade Honda there are non that compare. The big difference between Roaring Toyz links and our competitors is ours links carry O.E.M. style needle bearings rather than brass impregnated bushings. This means factory function with NO Squeaks and NO Squeals.

2004-2007 Honda CBR1000RR Lowering LinkHonda CBR1000RR 04-07 Lowering Link Billet

CNC machined here in house in the USA from billet T6 6061 Aluminum our links offer 5 different holes for 5 different ride heights ranging from stock to 3″ lower than stock. These links are a simple, direct bolt on install for all 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 Honda CBR1000RR models. If you are looking to lower your Honda Fireblade CBR1000 for looks, to get better footing or for performance these are the best you can buy!

Order online here http://www.buynowroaringtoyz.com/2004_2007_CBR1000RR_5_Hole_Lowering_Links_p/rth725rt.htm

for any questions or to order by phone call 941-953-4423 or email brad@roaringtoyz.com



Honda Stateline gets Stretched Saddlebags and Rear Fender

Honda Stateline Custom bagger Saddlebags PaintWhen our customer came in with his 2010 Honda Stateline and asked for saddlebags we had just the fix. We had been working on our own Honda Sabre VT1300 custom project [you will see later] and knew hot to make the back end come to life. We created a rear subframe with rails to carry 6 Inch stretched saddlebags and a rear fender grafted from Harley Davidson parts.

Custom Honda Stateline VT1300 Bagger Saddlebags Stretched Rear Fender 2010 2011 2012Honda Stateline VT1300 Sabre Bagger Saddlebags Rear Fender Stretched Custom

With a set of saddlebags custom installed, a custom stretched rear fender, custom seat, custom exhaust, custom LED rear lighting stuffed between the bags & fender, license plate bracket and custom paint we turned this Honda in to a badass custom bagger. Next up for this bike is a larger custom front wheel which will put this bike over the top. Stay Tuned!!

If you own a Honda Stateline, Sabre or Fury VT1300 and want to build it into a cool custom bagger give us a call at 941-953-4423 or email us at brad@roaringtoyz.com

Honda Custom bagger Stateline Sable VT1300 Stretched Saddlebag Rear Fender 2010 2011 2012

2013 Roadglide gets our 26″ Bolt On Front Wheel Package

2013 2012 Harley Roadglide 26 Inch Front Wheel Fender Bolt On Rake Kit Triple TreeThis is what you get when you add our 26″ bolt on front wheel kit to a Harley Roadglide. This 2013 Roadglide rolled into our shop stock and rolled out with a huge 26 Inch front wheel all using bolt on parts! NO CUTTING, NO WELDING! Our Bolt On 26″ Front End Kit includes a new bolt on neck piece, raked triple clamps, 26″ front wheel, 26″ front tire and 26″ front fender. You can choose from any Performance Machine, Xtreme machine or R.C. Components wheel as well as choose between Classic Style or Wrap Style Front Fender with our kits!

Roadglide Bolt On Neck Kit Rake Triple TreeHarley Touring Neck Bolt On Raked Triple Tree Kit 26 Wheel

This simple Bolt On Triple Tree Neck Kit is now available for all 2009-2013 Harley Touring Bikes Streetglide, Roadglide, Road King and Electraglide Models. We have them in the works for 1996-2008 and also 2014-up models. We have package kits available for the different models. Our Roadglide Kit Includes a custom Fairing Bracket and Inner Faring Support Brackets.  Our bat wing style faring [streetglide, electraglide] and Road King kits come with a raked headlight bezel to aim your headlight to the correct angle.

26 Inch Front Fender Harley Touring Street Glide Road King ElectraHarley 26 Inch Front Wheel Bolt On Neck Rake Kit Wheel

On this particular Roadglide we also added a set of Billet Hidden Axle Fork Legs and a Set of Apehanger Handlebars. All in all this turned this Harley Davidson Roadglide from mild to wild by just adding a few bolt on parts!

If you want to turn your Bagger into a cool custom bike give us a call at 941-953-4423  

or email at Robert@roaringtoyz.com

Harley Touring 23″ Wheel Bolt On Rake Kit for the Shorter Rider

bolt on 23 inch front wheel neck triple tree kit harley baggerHere is the perfect solution for a 23″ front wheel on your custom bagger. We now have available a bolt on rake kit to allow use of a big 23 Inch front wheel while keeping your bike low. Adding a 23″ wheel with just raked trees will get your geometry safe and handling well but keeps the front end of your bike high. For riders with a shorter inseam this creates problems. The bike being too tall keeps riders feet from touching the ground making these large heavy bikes hard to move around especially on uneven surfaces!

23 bolt on rake neck kit harley baggerBolt on Neck rake kit for 23 inch front wheel custom harley bagger touring triple tree streetglide roadglide road king electra glide

With this new bolt on neck and triple trees kit you can now keep your front end low with the 23″ front wheel and also get a nice balanced raked look without the need to cut your frame! This kit bolts on, looks great, keeps the long low stance you are looking for and sets the geometry up at safe numbers creating a comfortable ride!

23 Inch Wheel Bolt On Rake Kit Triple Trees Streetglide Roadglide Road King

This kit is available for 2009-2013 Harley Touring Strretglide, Roadglide, Electraglide, Road King Models. Also check out our kits and parts to go with the set up like 23″ front fender and custom wheels.

Give us a call ay 941-953-4423 or email Robert@roaringtoyz.com


Under Construction Again Custom 30 Inch Wheel Streetglide

Custom Streetglide Upper Fairng Headlight Open Primary Drop Seat Front Rear Air Ride

This custom 2010 Harley Davidson Streetglide is under construction once again. Although you may not have had a chance to see this bike as we have not posted many pictures or run it through a magazine yet we have it torn down to the frame once again for more work. Thought we would take a few minutes to show some before pics and run through a quick list of work before we tore it back down.

Custom Harley Streetglide 30 Inch Front Wheel Raked Trees Neck Stretched SaddlebagsCustom Harley Streetglide Bagger Green Carbon Paint Raked Neck Trees 30 Inch Wheel

The coolest things on this bike is the one off custom cut 30 Inch front wheel and rotors. The bike was painted and the front wheel was cut to match our customer’s McLaren MP4-12C High Performance Sports Car.  The bike was painted Verde Ithaca Green with Carbon graphics to match the green and carbon running throughout his car.

Custom Headlight Streetglide Upper Fairng Outer Roaring Toyz Batwing 30 Inch Front Fender FiberglassCustom Streetglide Drop Seat Kit Roaring Toyz Billet Floorboards Carbon Motor Details

This bike has a long list of custom parts including raked frame and billet raked triple trees to set the geometry correct for the 30 inch custom wheel. The entire body kit is custom with Roaring Toyz Custom Headlight Upper Fairing, Ipod Mini Inner Fairing Holding 2 6″ speakers, RT 30″ Wrap Front Fender, Driop Seat Body Kit Tank and Side Covers, RT Low Profile Custom Dash, Extra Extended Saddlebags and Rear Fender, RT Custom 6 Speaker Saddlebags Lids and a Chopped Rear Tour Pak. The stereo system runs from an Ipad mini and has a Kenwood deck running to a host of Rockford Fosgate Amps powering 12 speakers giving this bike a sound as loud as its presence! Air, ride, ape hangers, open primary, billet engine covers, exhaust and tuning are just a few of the other tricks up this Streetglides sleeve. Watch for a new feature on this bike after we rebuild it to a nicer more extreme stance!!

For any custom parts or to have your bike built give us a call at 941-953-4423!!

Custom Parts for the New Kawasaki Ninja H2

2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2Kawasaki has announced a new for 2015 model motorcycle they are calling the Ninja H2. Kawasaki is keeping the details pretty well guarded, but it has confirmed that the new H2 will debut at the Intermot motorcycle show in Cologne, Germany, on September 30. Kawasaki also stated the 2015 Ninja H2 is a collaborative effort between its other divisions, from aerospace to watercraft and the gas turbines used in its high-powered jet ski. The company released a teaser video showing a sportbike-styled windscreen and tail section along with a glimpse of a sporty tank, but what engine will power the H2 remains up to speculation.

As always Roaring Toyz will build custom aftermarket parts for the 2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2. We plan to make all the usual suspects like extended swingarm, 240, 300 and 330 wide tire swingarm kit, custom wheels, lowering links, license plate brackets, mirrors, grips, caps, covers, clutch cover, tons of billet custom parts, exhausts, performance and appearance mods to make the new Ninja H2 run and look better than factory.

Keep an eye on our site and watch for new parts in our webstore at http://www.buynowroaringtoyz.com/Kawasaki_Ninja_H2_2015_s/1180.htm

2014 Harley Streetglide gets Custom 23 Inch Front Wheel Kit, Apehangers, Forks and More!

2014 Streetglide FLHX Custom 23 inch front wheel raked triple trees bolt onAs our customers mature they are moving over to cruiser motorcycles and this bike here is the product of just that! Chris DeRosa a previous customer owning fat tire custom sportbikes we built him in the past called and said he has a new project for us. A 2014 Harley Davidson Streetglide FLHX. Chris knew he wanted to step up the size on the front wheel and decided a 23″ was a quick simple way to go. Using our 23″ front wheel kit which includes a 23″ front wheel, tire, raked triple trees and a 23″ front fender to accomplish his goal.

2014 Street Glide Billet Fork Legs Lowers Fork Covers Boots Cow Bells Contrast Cut2014 Streetglide Custom 23 Wheels Tire Big Raked Floorboards Bars Forks BilletA chrome plated Performance Machine Revel 23 Inch front wheel was selected and matching rotors were bolted to it for that chrome finished look. The wheel was mounted with an Avon Venom tire and covered by a DEI 23″ Wrap style front fender. Billet Raked triple trees were added so that the trail number remains correct keeping the bike handling nice with the taller 23″ front wheel. When doing 23, 26 and 30 inch front wheel conversion there is never a better time to dress up the forks on your bike. Since the front end was already apart Chris decided to clean up the front end by having us add billet hidden axle front fork legs and custom fork covers in black anodized contrast cut finish. If you are going to do up your front end consider doing these at the same time to save on labor costs!

2014 Streetglide FLHX Custom 23 inch front wheel raked triple trees bolt on2014 Street Glide 12 Inch Apehanger Custom Handlebars Black FLHX

Of course the rear end had to be completed with the addition of a Performance Machine Revel Chrome wheel wrapped in an Avon Venom 200 tire to match the front. A custom exhaust with machined contrast cut tips was added to give the glide a stronger sound matching the new looks!

2014 Streetglide FLHX 12 Inch Ape Hanger Handlebars Bars Painted Inner Fairing Custom2014 Streetglide Harley Davidson Custom Wheels Forks Bars Paint Floorboards


No Bagger is complete without a set of apehanger handlebars. The new 2104 model touring bikes need a special bend to get out of the fairing. We have just the trick with our 12″ Apehanger bars bent right for the 2014 Streetglide and Electraglide bat wing farings. The bars are finished in gloss black powdercoat and can also be ordered in different lengths. We are working on kits now to include the wiring and cables to make a complete handlebar package so give us a call! While the front was apart we had to add a painted inner fairing to match the body color on this 14 SG. Custom grips and mirrors finish off the bars on this bad boy!

Give us a call to have us build your Streetglide project or to have us help provide to the premium quality parts to no only make you look good but to perform well!

Roaring Toyz  941-953-4423     or email at  Robert@roaringtoyz.com

Kawasaki ZX14 ZX14R Billet Quick Access Clutch Covers Now Available

Dragrace clutch cover billet quick access racing zx14 zx14r zx1400Roaring Toyz is proud to announce our latest Kawasaki Ninja ZX14 product. A billet quick access clutch cover. This cover allows fast easy clutch inspections without the need to drain your oil. CNC Machined here in house in the USA from T6 6061 Billet aluminum. We black anodize the cover then remachine it adding a show quality look to the race parts.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX14 ZX14R quick release access dragrace engine clutch coverKawasaki Ninja ZX14 ZX14R ZX-14 Billet clutch Cover dragrace racing

This cover was designed for motorcycle dragracing purpose. With just three simple socket head caps screws you can quickly remove the o-ring sealed lid to expose your clutch. This allows you to work on your clutch or even just point a fan in there for cooling before passes. The lid is deep enough to house any lock up clutch available so buy with confidence.

ZX14 quick access clutch cover engine racingKawasaki Ninja ZX14 custom billet racing quick access clutch cover release

CNC machined from T6 Billet Aluminum

Made In USA

Comes with Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware

Large OEM Size Oil Fill Hole for Easy Oil Fills

Billet Oil Sight Glass Window

Black Anodized and Remachined for Show Finish

Strong to save engine in case of problems

Give us a cll or email with any questions at 941-953-4423   or email: Robert@roaringtoyz.com



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