Roaring Twinz 21″ and 23″ Front Wheel Conversion Kits for Baggers

There are many steps to building a custom Bagger. But if we were forced to pick the ONE modification that makes the biggest difference to the look of the bike it would be a large diameter front wheel conversion. A front wheel conversion instantly gives the bike a more aggressive, pronounced stance, but performing one of these conversions requires a slew of parts and knowledge to ensure the larger wheel integrates correctly with the rest of the bike. These conversions are often done with the wrong combinations and can result in a poor handling motorcycle, or worse, a dangerous ride. Roaring Twinz carefully sources the best components and offers 21” and 23” front wheel kits so these conversions can be purchased as a complete kit, from one source – and you can relax because all the parts will fit together and work correctly.


The new 2011 Kawasaki Vaquero arrives from the factory with a 16 x 3.5” front wheel. Roaring Toyz has developed a custom bolt on package to install a 21” front wheel to the Vaquero, instantly upgrading the bike’s appearance. The kit consists of a 21” billet forged aluminum Performance Machine front wheel, a 21” front tire and a set of CNC machined front fender spacer brackets. This kit allows for a simple bolt on installation of the larger front wheel.




The Roaring Toyz engineering staff spent hours developing a complete bolt on 23” front wheel kit that consists of every component needed to give your Harley Davidson Street Glide or Road Glide a front wheel face lift without compromising the handling! The centerpiece of the kit is a 23” rolling masterpiece of aluminum from the top custom motorcycle wheel manufacturer – Performance Machine. While the wheel is the most prominent component in the kit, it’s the parts that come with this kit that allow the bigger wheel to be installed safely and ensure the bike will handle properly. The Roaring Twinz kit includes a pair of offset triple clamps to change the rake and offset of the front forks, making room for the larger wheel to clear the frame and engine while keeping the handling stable and smooth. Lowering fork springs compensate for the different fork rake and wheel size while internal fork spacers keep the fork travel in check for proper fender clearance. An oversized 23” front fender with mounting hardware is also included to ensure the 23” front wheel fits precisely.


For those that want to show off their Performance Machine wheel we supply an oversized 13” single brake rotor and 6 piston caliper combination. It’s a shame to cover up a beautiful Performance Machine front wheel with dual brake rotors and a larger matching 13” brake disc and powerful 6 piston brake caliper upgrade will keep the bike looking clean while preserving great braking performance.

For FLH models we offer billet fork leg sets which feature a hidden axle, contoured axle spacers and an integrated fender/caliper mount with an adjustable height fender mounting system. These kits are available in chrome or black finish, single or dual disc, and a choice of two different axle end cap designs. These add the final touch to your custom HD bagger!
Also available in your Roaring Toyz 23” Front Wheel Conversion Kit is lower fork leg covers, “cowbells,” which come in Chrome or Black Finish.


Don’t like messing with your fork internals or oil? Roaring Twinz offers an exchange program for your front fork legs. Our front fork legs arrive ready for installation with the correct springs, oil, new seals and spacing; simply bolt them in and send your stock forks back to Roaring Twinz.


  • FLHX Street Glide 2000-Up
  • FLHR Road King 2000-Up
  • FLHRC Road King Classic 2000-Up
  • FLHT Electra Glide 2000-Up
  • FLHTC Electra Glide Classic 2000-Up
  • FLTR Road Glide 2000-Up

Roaring Twinz has spent the time and effort to secure the highest quality, most attractive components available for your 23” front wheel conversion kit. We are dedicated to making your large front wheel upgrade as simple as possible; we include every piece required for the installation, right down to the last nut, bolt and spacer. We’ve eliminated the hassle – no need to contact multiple vendors searching for missing parts, or make numerous trips to the hardware store, or miss out on valuable riding time waiting on parts. With one easy step the Roaring Twinz front wheel conversion kit makes your Bagger look great without compromising handling or ride.

Roaring Toyz Debuts “Inside Out” Ninja 1000

Unlike typical builds, which feature a black frame with chrome accents, this Ninja has a chrome frame with black accessories.

The Ninja 1000 is part of a four-bike build project that Roaring Toyz boss Robert Fisher is undertaking in conjunction with Kawasaki Motorcycles USA. Roaring Toyz already debuted their customized Kawasaki Vaquero during Daytona Bike Week, and the other two bikes include a ZX-10 and a Z-1000.

Fisher handed the frame of his latest creation, the custom Ninja 1000, over to Sport Chrome for a complete chrome job. From there, Fisher rebuilt the bike with a long list of blacked-out custom touches.

“For years, builders have been adding chrome accents to sportbikes, so I wanted to do just the opposite,” says Fisher. “Murdered out bikes are popular right now, but the chrome frame adds just the right amount of flash to the Ninja.”

The rear end of the Ninja got two inches of stretch from a Roaring Toyz 240 swingarm with self bracing. The wheels are a gorgeous set of PM Black Ops Boss wheels. They are contrast cut with a rough, flat-black finish highlighted by gloss black inserts.

Among the Roaring Toyz accessories on the Inside Out Ninja are a set of grab bar block-off covers. Fisher felt that the stock grab bars detracted from the sleek styling of the 2011 Ninja 1000, so he designed the block-off covers to show off the clean lines of the tail.

Like the other accessories, the grab bar block-off covers are in stock and available for Roaring Toyz customers. Of course, that should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with Fisher’s style. He develops parts not just for one-time use on a Roaring Toyz custom, but as production parts that anyone can order for their own ride. Fisher has been Kawasaki’s favorite custom builder since he debuted the first custom ZX-14 in 2006, and the factory counts on Roaring Toyz to produce high-quality, stylish custom parts for their line of motorcycles.

Other Roaring Toyz custom touches on the Ninja include a radial-mount rear brake kit and chrome radial-mount front brake calipers, stainless steel brake lines, a custom billet front brake reservoir, fully adjustable lowering links, a chrome quick-release gas cap, and black anodized Hustler billet grips.

To add the perfect finishing touch, Roaring Toyz go-to painter Ryan Hathaway gave the Ninja a flat black paint job, adding candy blue and silver graphics for just a splash of color.

The Roaring Toyz Ninja 1000 will be on display at the Indianapolis GP, August 26-29.

The bike, along with other custom Roaring Toyz sportbikes, will also play a role in all of the ICON Limiter shows: the stunt riders will use the custom bikes to escort the models to the ICON stage. Roaring Toyz customs, ICON stunt riders, models, and music, all rolled into one giant mobile party: does it get any better?

For Fisher, it’s all about letting people get a hands-on experience. “This program has three key elements,” he says of his partnership with Kawasaki. “Transforming these motorcycles into gorgeous custom creations that showcase all the possibilities of a custom Kawasaki, documenting the build-up process step-by-step and sharing this content with consumers on the Roaring Toyz website, Facebook page, and our new blog, and touring these bikes around the country so people can see them in person.”

So check out this latest custom from Roaring Toyz, or go online to not only order the parts to customize your own ride, but to get tips from the master sportbike builder himself, Robert Fisher.

See even more Ninja 1000 Inside Out pics

Roaring Toyz 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 Specs:

Roaring Twinz Makes a Big Splash at Atlantic Beach Bike Fest 2011

photos by Nick Hill

Atlantic Beach Bike Fest has a long history of tradition, annually drawing thousands of bikers who come together on Memorial Day Weekend. The event has been known by other names over the years—Myrtle Beach Bike Week and Black Bike Week among them—but one thing stays consistent from year to year: riders always go home saying, “That was the best Memorial Day Weekend ever!”

The 2011 Atlantic Beach Bike Fest gave riders plenty to do, and plenty to talk about, during three days of events that provided nearly round-the-clock entertainment.

Several beachside blocks were cordoned off to make room for the heart of Atlantic Beach Bike Fest. The area featured custom sportbike builders, vendors, ICON Limiter shows, and appearances by some of the top names in the sportbike world.

Robert Fisher of Roaring Toyz was among the custom builders on the scene. The clear Roaring Toyz trailer made its way up from Sarasota, Florida, like a motorcycle Pied Piper, leading the way to the largest gathering of sportbikes in the U.S.

In addition to a wide variety of custom sportbikes, Roaring Toyz debuted their latest creation: a custom Kawasaki Ninja 1000. Incredible new custom V-Twins were also on display, kicking off the newest arm of Fisher’s company, Roaring Twinz.

Atlantic Beach attendees were wowed by the fully customized Roaring Twinz Vulcan® 1700 Vaquero™, a ground breaking custom bagger featuring an impressive 21” front wheel, a full custom paint job, airbag suspension and full stereo system.

Bagger and V-twin enthusiasts were treated to an up close and personal experience with Robert Fisher’s latest creations, a brand new fully customized Harley Davidson Street Glide and a Harley Davidson Road King. Both the Harley Davidson Street Glide and the Road Kind feature incredible custom paint, stunning Performance Machine wheels, and subtle nuances like custom bars, custom grips, custom floorboards, and Roaring Twinz stainless steel brake lines.

By Saturday night, the Roaring Toyz crew was ready for a break from showing and selling, so Fisher and his team fired up some of their custom Ninja 1000 and Kawasaki ZX-10, along with the Vaquero, Road Kind and Street Glide and headed out to ride through Atlantic Beach.

“Atlantic Beach Bike Fest is a huge event for Roaring Toyz,” says Fisher. “This is a chance for us to see a lot of our customers face-to-face, and to gauge trends, as well as set them. The response to our new V-Twin operation, Roaring Twinz, has been incredible. Custom baggers are huge at Atlantic Beach, and the Vulcan® 1700 Vaquero™ and the Harley Davidson Street Glide and Road King were show stoppers. Everywhere we went riders stopped us for pictures. ” Enthusiasts were thrilled to learn they could visit Fisher’s new site, to get even more V-Twin and Bagger information.

The Roaring Toyz customs weren’t the only show stoppers. Riding hard is a daily practice for the freestyle stars of the ICON Limiter show. Nick “Apex” Brocha, Ernie “E-Dub” Vigil and Shin Kinoshita performed to huge crowds several times each day, putting on a stunt show while models danced on stage. Giveaways, a DJ and giant video screens added to the experience. The crowd was particularly delighted when Apex fired up his Roaring Toyz built Kawasaki ZX-10 “drift” bike. Featuring Roaring Toyz components and parts, the drift bike tore up the stunt riding area and viewers couldn’t get enough of the action.

Cruising through Atlantic Beach and Myrtle Beach was on tap for everyone who wanted to be part of the “see and be seen” experience. The traffic kept up until the early morning hours, as riding won out over sleeping. For those craving a little more action, there was also drag racing, charity rides, and group rides making tours of the area. Motorcycle clubs were everywhere, and some club rides drew as many as 500 members.

The best Memorial Day Weekend ever? For many riders, that answer is a firm, “Yes!” followed quickly by the phrase, “Let’s do it again next year!” So mark your calendars for Memorial Day Weekend 2012, and don’t expect to get a lot of sleep at Atlantic Beach Bike Fest.

Roaring Toyz Launches Roaring Twinz – Makes Aggressive Foray into the V-Twin Market

Kawasaki Vaquero Custom

Today Roaring Toyz launched Roaring Twinz, a new division focused on developing premium parts, accessories and custom motorcycles for the V-Twin market.  Robert Fisher, founder and owner of Roaring Toyz made the announcement from his headquarters in Sarasota, FL.

The leading manufacturer and retailer in the custom sportbike market for the last decade, Roaring Toyz is known globally for designing, engineering and manufacturing aftermarket parts that are aesthetically superior and incredibly safe.  With the launch of Roaring Twinz Robert Fisher intends to bring his legendary reputation for quality and functionality to the V-Twin market.

Fisher expanded on his vision: “I love the emphasis V-Twin owners place on design. I have ridden and raced motorcycles all my life; a motorcycle isn’t just two tires and a motor – it represents what its owner thinks, and feels, it’s a reflection of how a rider lives his or her life. A motorcycle can be a rolling piece of artwork, and V-Twin owners get this more than any other riding group. I can’t wait to translate my passion for superior design and artistry into exceptional products for the V-Twin market.”
Fisher’s exacting standards have made him a preferred partner for Kawasaki Motorcycles. When Fisher shared his plans for V-Twin expansion with the marketing and product teams at Kawasaki, they were eager to work with him, dropping off a brand new Vulcan® 1700 Vaquero™ at Fisher’s headquarters.

Fisher transformed the Vaquero™ into a ground breaking custom bagger, adding an impressive 21” front wheel, a full custom paint job, airbag suspension and full stereo system. Fisher applied the unwavering attention to detail which sets him apart  from other builders to his V-Twin platform, custom machining a set of Harley hubs and wheel spacers to ensure the Performance Machine wheels fit like a glove,  and running wires internally through the Burly Brand 13” Bagger Bars to ensure a polished finish.

Harley Davidson Street Glide Custom Bagger

Fisher also customized a Harley Davidson Street Glide and a Harley Davidson Road King. Both HD motorcycles feature incredible custom paint, stunning Performance Machine wheels, and subtle nuances like custom bars, custom grips, custom floorboards, and Roaring Twinz stainless steel brake lines.

The current line-up of Roaring Twinz customs feature an array of aftermarket parts from noted manufactures such as Performance Machine, Progressive Suspension, and Roland Sands Designs. Shortly Roaring Twinz will unleash their own line of high end, attentively engineered products. All Roaring Twinz products are CNC machined from the highest grade billet aluminum, showcasing unparalleled functionality and durability.

If you’re looking for cheap, mass produced products don’t call Roaring Twinz. But rest assured Fisher can explain precisely what makes his new V-Twin product line up exceptional:  “I machine my parts from the best material money can buy, I spend thousands of hours crafting unique, head turning designs, and each part undergoes rigorous testing. Put that together and you get a gorgeous, innovative part for your motorcycle that won’t fail. Your bike will look great, and you’ll be safe. I think that’s priceless.”

For more information on Roaring Twinz, go to or email

Enter to Win with Roaring Toyz at Atlantic Beach Bike Fest, May 27 – 29th

Roaring Toyz is getting ready for Atlantic Beach BikeFest, the original home of the South’s biggest and best motorcycle event!

Join Roaring Toyz May 27th, 28th and 29th as we set up our 40 ft clear rig on the main street of Atlantic Beach, SC.

Roaring Toyz hit up Atlantic Beach in 2010 and we couldn’t believe our eyes! Atlantic Beach was packed and the city did a great job making motorcyclists feel welcome and at home. We can’t wait to return!

This year Roaring Toyz will have an incredible array of hot custom rides on display. This is your chance to get up close and personal with four of the hottest new custom Kawasakis, including the RT designed Ninja® ZX-10R, the Ninja 1000, and the Z1000. Sportbike purists will also be shocked to see the 2011 RT designed and built Kawasaki Vulcan® 1700 Vaquero™ and not one, but two Harley Davidson custom Baggers. The Vaquero and the Baggers are a key component of Roaring Toyz brand new V-Twin focused division, Roaring Twinz.

All the great custom Roaring Toyz parts will be available for sale, and we will be onsite installing and wrenching on bikes from dawn to dusk. So you can buy a part, get it installed and be back on the streets in no time.

Swing by our trailer and enter to win a $250 Roaring Toyz store credit, chat up our beautiful model, and talk to Robert Fisher, owner and founder of Roaring Toyz, and the all new V-twin focused Roaring Twinz.

Event information

Atlantic Beach BikeFest (This is Atlantic Beach, don’t go to Myrtle Beach!)
717 30th Avenue South
Atlantic Beach, SC 29582
(click address for map)

We hope to see you there!


21″ Wheels for Your Bagger

Roaring Toyz is coming to Atlantic Beach, SC with wheels for Baggers. Bring your bagger over to the Roaring Toyz trailer for a 21″ front wheel deal. We’ll be in set up on the strip in downtown Atlantic Beach Friday – Monday, May 27-30.


RT is Everywhere at Once!

Roaring Toyz Hits Thunder Beach Rally, April 27th – 30th, 2011

It’s not easy hitting up two major events in one weekend, but we told you Roaring Toyz would be taking our amazing rolling clear trailer display on the road this year and we don’t disappoint! If you are heading to Thunder Beach Rally in Panama City, Florida this week, be sure to stop by and visit the incredible Roaring Toyz clear trailer display.

This is a HUGE event for Roaring Toyz because we will be unveiling not one, but TWO brand new Harley Davidson motorcycles customized by the all new v-twin division of Roaring Toyz, Roaring Twinz. Plus we will have our one of a king custom Kawasaki Vaquero on display – this bike caused a major ruckus when we unveiled in at Daytona Bike Week, and we would love to show you this bike up close and in person.

Along with a multitude of gorgeous custom motorcycles on display, Roaring Toyz will also be giving away a $150 dollar store gift card. So stop by, check out our newest two wheel editions to the Roaring Toyz family, meet Robert Fisher in person, and enter to win.

To get daily updates on our Thunder Beach trip, check out

Roaring Toyz Supports Your Local Community!

See Roaring Toyz at the 5th Annual Midwest Breakout Ride, April 30th, 2001

Founded in 2006 this year’s Midwest Breakout Ride and Community Day will be hosted by the 317 Ryders.  Roaring Toyz is honored to be sponsoring this event, as one hundred percent of the proceeds from this event will be donated to the Christamore House, Indianapolis, Indiana.

From what we have learned, Christamore House is a great Indianapolis institution, and conducts many useful programs, including early childhood education programs, after-school and summer day camp programs, teen opportunity programs and youth employment services.

This year they expect over 100 clubs and 3000 – yeah, that’s right, 3000 riders to turn up to raise some serious charity dollars! The event takes place at the Indianpolis Motor Speedway, so if you are within riding distance of the Speedway, we strongly encourage you to get out this Saturday to support an amazing cause! Who knows, maybe you will even win the Roaring Toyz store $150 store gift card we will be giving away!

For more information, check out

RT 2011 Billet Single Sided Swingarm

You’ve spent serious money ensuring your motorcycle is a perfect reflection of your individual taste and style, so when it comes to an aftermarket swingarm why compromise on quality, engineering, or design?

New for 2011, The RT billet single sided swingarm kit takes sportbike customization to new heights of safety and sophistication.

CNC machined from the highest grade billet aluminum then black anodized, this swingarm doesn’t just look good; a decade of rigorous engineering and testing means unparalleled functionality.

The RT single sided swingarm features the one of a kind Roaring Toyz underside webbed pocket design, which removes as much mass as possible while maintaining the original structural intensity.  What does this really mean? Light and strong equals fast and safe.

Matched with contrast cut wheels the overall bold, aggressive look of this product is backed up by ten years of proven performance.  You can put your money on that one.

If you’re looking for a cheap, mass produced, off the shelf swingarm, this is not for you. Handcrafted, one of a kind is pricier (our 240 kit retails for $7999 and our 300/330 kits are priced at $9499), and you may have to wait a little longer to receive your swingarm, but you’re paying for an exclusive piece of engineering, precisely machined to your exact specifications.

Most importantly, each piece is carefully tested by the Roaring Toyz engineering staff to ensure your swingarm maintains its integrity and value, and lasts for decades to come. We even engrave your name on the swingarm.

Our kit comes complete with front and rear custom forged chrome plated or anodized wheels, billet swingarm, complete rear drive assembly, rear brake rotor, rear brake caliper, caliper hanger, cush drive, rear brake line, rear sprocket, front offset sprocket, chain, chain slap guards, rear tire, bearings, spacers and every nut and bolt needed for installation.

RT Billet Single Sided Swingarm Kit is available for

  • 2004-2011 Kawasaki ZX10R
  • 2006-2011 Kawasaki ZX14
  • 2010-2011 Kawasaki Z1000 & Ninja 1000
  • 1999-2011 Suzuki Hayabusa
  • 1997-2011 Suzuki GSXR 600
  • 1996-2011 Suzuki GSXR 750
  • 2001-2011 Suzuki GSXR 1000
  • 2009-2011 Yamaha R1
  • 2010-2011 BMW S1000RR

We build this swingarm kit to order, so if you don’t see your make and model listed give us a call and we will get started on your one of a kind swingarm today.

For more information visit or email

RT Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines

Question: what’s the most powerful component of your motorcycle?

If you answered the engine, you’re wrong. It’s actually your brakes.

In June 2000, CycleWorld magazine ran the ¼ mile on a Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa in 9.86 seconds at 145.80 mph. Powerful stuff, right? Well, an average set of brakes applied at 100% efficiency could stop the same bike at that speed in about 8 and a half seconds. Fitting your bike with Roaring Toyz Performance Stainless Steel Brakes can make your braking performance even more powerful.

Roaring Toyz manufactures complete replacement Stainless Steel Brake Line Kits for almost any and all model of motorcycle and all our kits are backed by a lifetime warranty. Roaring Toyz can also provide any custom configuration or set up you can dream up, so extended swingarms and fat back tire kits are not a problem

Every rider knows good brakes are critical. But here’s a tip – don’t believe your buddy or your local parts expert when they tell you OEM replacement parts will do the trick. Cheaper products using rubber hoses and steel fittings will save you money, but rubber hoses can swell and protrude under pressure, are penetrable and can permit condensation to mingle with the brake fluid, and of course steel rusts.

Roaring Toyz Stainless Steel Brake Line Kits are built from high-grade stainless steel, with all fittings and braided stainless/Teflon hoses sealed in a PVC cover. Unlike heat shrink covers, the PVC cover is extruded onto the hose during manufacture so it adheres to the braid and wont wrinkle or fold.

What does all this really mean? No mingling of condensation, no leaking, ever. So you can relax because that trick paintjob and your bodywork are protected.

Roaring Toyz Stainless Steel Brake Lines are available in a multitude of colors, including translucent yellow, green, blue and red, as well as white, clear, black and carbon like. Want to match that Kawasaki green or Yamaha blue? No problem – we have those colors too.

Like all Roaring Toyz products, the RT Stainless Steel Brake Line Kits will increase the overall aesthetic appeal of your motorcycle while offering outstanding safety and security. With Roaring Toyz Stainless Steel Brake Lines your motorcycle will look better, but much more importantly, it’s going to stop better. And at 145 mph that’s a really good feeling.

All Roaring Toyz Stainless Steel Brake Line Kits contain all items required for installation including stainless steel banjo bolts and copper washers. Front brake line kits come with two lines.

Finally, don’t forget all Roaring Toyz Stainless Steel Brake Line Kits come with a lifetime warranty, and for almost every make and model of motorcycle. And custom configurations are our specialty.

For more information visit or email

RT 240 Wide Tire Kit Swingarms

Imagine this scenario. You just dropped off your brand new 240 wide tire swingarm conversion kit along with your GSX-R1000 at your local shop for installation. You can’t wait to see the envious stares from local bike night attendees when you roll in on your slick new 240 extended wide tire kit. You’ve barely cleared the driveway when the shops calling you – and they’re furious. They don’t have all the parts to do the install. Where are the correct wheel spacers? Where’s your pivot tube bearings? Why does this  thing not line up correctly? Now you’re picturing rolling into your bike night in your girl’s Honda because the ebay  shop that sold you that cheap swingarm failed to include the parts needed to install it.

Now  you’re cruising down the highway at about 150 mph and life couldn’t be better. You’re on your bike, and after weeks of searching online you finally got all the parts to install that arm kit, and it looks pretty good. Suddenly the swingarm fails or the rear bearings come apart due to bad fitment.

It’s important to save money in difficult economic times, but there are some things that don’t justify compromise. After years of designing and engineering parts, and a full racing career, I can tell you in ugly detail how damaging the failure of a part can be. In fact, half of my scars I earned so you won’t ever experience the pain and heartbreak of going down with your motorcycle when a trick new part breaks because it was made of inferior material or wasn’t properly strength tested.

This is what amazes me: if you have a choice between a tin of quality diced tomatoes from the USA for 90 cents, or a tin of tomatoes from China that might contain lead for 45 cents, there’s no way you’re going to buy the cheaper tomatoes.  If you’re looking for a used car, you wouldn’t get a Ford Pinto, even if it was free and arson is your part time hobby.  Even a Prius might make you think twice; you’re going to do your homework on safety.

But all this common sense evaporates when it comes to motorcycle aftermarket parts. I can’t tell you the number of busted bikes and bones I have seen because someone decided that cheaper was better, even when it comes to purchasing a part that radically alters the structural integrity of your motorcycle.

Take swingarms. The swingarm is arguably one of the most critical components on a motorcycle. We all know what it does – it’s the main fixture of the rear suspension and it holds the rear axle in place while pivoting vertically allowing the suspension to absorb bumps. In other words, it holds your motorcycle together!

Yet time and again we see friends and fellow riders opting to buy an inferior product from ebay or a backwoods shop because it’s cheap. Don’t kid yourself – it’s cheap for a reason and you get what you pay for. The material is low quality and won’t hold up to regular wear and tear, let along rigorous riding. The arm may not be straight, fit right or have the correct swingarm linkage and brake features to work correctly. No strength or endurance testing has been undertaken to ensure it will hold up. Those manufacturers are looking to make a quick buck; if you get hurt in the process, too bad.

You may hesitate to purchase a Roaring Toyz 240 Wide Tire Kit because it’s going to cost you a little more. But what you spend on the front end you’re going to save exponentially on the back end.

Before you make your decision, consider these facts:

  1. Material. You’re swingarm kit is only as strong as the material it’s made from. Roaring Toyz 240 Wide Tire Kits are manufactured from custom extruded reinforced tubular aluminum and aircraft quality Billet Aluminum. The Roaring Toyz 240 Swingarm has been measured straight by G.M.D. Computrack to within the tightest of tolerances.
  2. Engineered and tested: Roaring Toyz engineers spend years designing and testing a swingarm before it becomes available to the public. Roaring Toyz 240 Swingarm kits are tested on the race track, the drag strip, and the street. They’re machine tested for strength, durability and endurance. Every single part incorporated in our swingarm kit is scrutinized to be the lightest, strongest, most durable, best looking part possible. We spent years building custom bikes using other manufacturer’s products only to find serious faults. We’ve taken all this experience and used it to make the highest quality custom wide tire swingarm kits available!
  3. Product liability. Next time you’re thinking of purchasing a part from that backwoods mom and pop shop that never return your calls, ask them to produce proof of their product liability insurance. They don’t have it. Roaring Toyz has product liability insurance because even after hundreds of hours of testing, nothing is for certain. We stand behind the quality, fitment and safety of all our products. Some shops joke “safety first right after cost”. That’s no joke to Roaring Toyz – you better believe we have product liability insurance because ensuring your safety is always our top priority.
  4. Quality Components. Roaring Toyz Custom 240 Wide Tire Swingarm conversion kits are sold with superior components. Take our wheels for example. We only use Performance Machine forged wheels. The Bentley of custom wheels, Performance Machine wheels are forged from the finest grade material money can buy, and the fitment and tolerances are machined to the tightest and safest standards in the industry.  Over the years I have seen thousands of wheels fail. Bad fitment, bad bearing tolerances, bad or no cush drive assemblies, poor chrome work, crappy powder coat finish and unsafe designs make these wheels lethal to riders. PLEASE pay attention when buying wheels and make sure you get something highly engineered and safe!! You ride a sportbike and will probably be going 100MPH or more at some point, and every product we sell is designed to look great, perform under pressure, and last.
  5. Complete kits. When you buy a Roaring Toyz 240 Swingarm Kit you get everything you need – everything! No searching around trying to find spacers after your bike is on the lift. No nasty surprises from your local shop because they sold you the extra parts at double the cost. The Roaring Toyz 240 Swingarm Kits come with absolutely everything you need:
    1. Custom Swingarm Extended to length of your choice from 2-14″over stock wheelbase
    2. Performance Machine or R.C. Components Custom Forged Aluminum Billet 17×3.5 Front & 18×8.5 Rear Wheels
    3. Strong Steel Rear sprocket size of your choice
    4. Offset Front Sprocket
    5. XXL 240MM Wide Rear Tire
    6. Heavy Duty X-Ring Extended Chain
    7. Extended Stainless Steel Rear Brake Line
    8. Custom Machined Nitrade Coated Rear Axle
    9. Rear wheel spacers
    10. New swingarm bearings (as required)
    11. All Nuts, Bolts and Hardware needed for Installation
    12. Billet rear brake caliper hanger
    13. Rear Brake Line Clamps
    14. Custom Radial Mount Rear Brake Kit on models that require replacement

Next time you think about buying that cheap swingarm, ask yourself if you would buy that cheap Pinto. Now imagine buying that Pinto and realizing the seats and wheels aren’t included. Have I made my point? Roaring Toyz 240 Swingarm kits make your bike look incredible. But far more important – our kits are going to hold up, perform well, and keep you safe no matter how hard you ride.

Roaring Toyz manufacturers 240 Swingarm Kits for every popular make and model of sportbike bike. We have kits available for Suzuki Hayabusa, GSXR 600, 750, 1000, TL1000R, Kawasaki ZX14, ZX10, ZX6, Z1000, Ninja 1000, Yamaha R1, BMW S1000RR. If you don’t see the make and model of your bike listed, give us a call and we’ll set you up.

Robert Fisher
Roaring Toyz
Sarasota Florida



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