Kawasaki Ninja 1000 and Z1000 Custom Extended Swingarms Now Available


We now have custom stock wheel width extended swingarms available for the 2011-2017 Ninja 1000 and 2010-2017 Z1000 Kawasaki models. The factory rear swingarm on these models used an eccentric style rear axle adjuster making bolt on swingarm extensions impossible while also making an aftermarket swingarm difficult. We Now build this custom bolt on swingarm so you can stretch your ride.


Our signature series swingarm comes like all Roaring Toyz swingarms as a direct bolt on fit for the Ninja 1000 and Z 1000 Kawi’s. The swingarm comes with factory style bearings, spacers and circlips installed ready to bolt up and go! The only modification required to install on these models will be the factory rear brake caliper hanger will need a nub cut/ground off for clearance with our new swingarm. This arm will retain use of your factory rear axle which will be carried by our swingarm adjuster blocks located under the nice axle cover plates that come standard on Roaring Toyz Signature Series Swingarms.


Our swingarm can be built to any length from +2 Over to +20 over with several different options available. Tubular underbracing, stealth underbracing and N.O.S. Bottle brackets are all available for the Kawasaki Ninja 1000 and Z1000 model swingarms. Extended swingarm installation will require a longer extended drive chain, extended rear brake line and lowering links for installation. We do sell all of these components together just call and we can get you set up! This is a link to our Fully Adjustable Lowering Link for the Ninja 1000 and Z1000 models also.


All of our custom swingarm are built order and take 2-6 weeks for completion. Give us a call to get yours started toady at 941-953-4423  or email for more info at Robert@roaringtoyz.com

Custom Hayabusa with Roaring Toyz “Slim Fat” Treatment 300 Tire Single Sided Swingarm & GSXR 1000 Tail Conversion

Custom White Hayabusa 300 Wide Tre SSS +4 Over Black Anodized GSXR 1000 Tail Conversion Kit

This 2009 Suzuki Hayabusa was brought to us by one of our good customers who knew he wanted a cool fat tire custom that not only looked good but rode and handled great. With our 15 years in business, background in racing and building custom motorcycles we were able to deliver exactly what he wanted.

2012 Suzuki Hayabusa Custom GSXR Tail 4 Inch Over Single Sided Swingarm 300 Raer Wide Tire KitCustom Hayabusa with Roaring Toyz Outside Drive OSD 300 Tire Single Sided Swingarm Kit 4 Inches Over Stock

We call what we did to this bike the ‘Slim Fat’ treatment. We added our Roaring Toyz +4″ Over 300 OSD Wide Tire Billet Single Sided Swingarm with Performance Machine Paramount Platinum Finish wheels. The swingarm was polished then black anodized with our RT kanji logo contrast cut into the top. The 17×3.5 front and 18×10.5 rear wheel are PM’s BMP finish which are polished, anodized, contrast cut and after the cuts are polished to a show finish. This kit is the highest quality available and is absolute motorcycle jewelry!

300 Fat Wide Tire Single Sided Swingarm SSS PM Paramount Platinum Finish WheelRoaring Toyz OSD Outside Drive Single Chain 300 Single Sided Swingarm Wide Tire Kit

We then added a GSXR 1000 rear tail conversion kit. This kit drops the rider into a pocket and gives the tail a higher and narrow look complimenting the 300 fat tire. It also gives tire to tail section clearance allowing the bike to be lowered more without fear of the larger 18″ rear wheel and tire hitting the bottom of the tail section when the suspension travels!

Custom Suzuki Hayabusa 300 Billet Single Sided Swingarm Paramount WheelsRoaring Toyz 300 Wide Tire Single Sided Billet Swingarm Kit Performance Machine Paramount Platinum Wheels

The entire body was custom painted bright white and a custom wrapped seat was done in red at the customers request. Power was added through a complete Brock’s Performance Exhaust system tuned with a Power Commander 5 while front brake performance was increased with a set of Braking wave rotors and Roaring Toyz white stainless steel brake lines. Black Anodized Billet parts like rearsets, upper triple clamp, grips, clutch & brake levers, mirror block offs. reservoir caps, lowering links, lowering kickstand, fork caps, gas cap, engine covers etc. were bolted up.

This bike really means business and rides incredible with the combination of our OSD [outside drive] swingarm kits which allows a 300 or 330 rear wheel to be run using only one chain offering the best performance, maintenance and reliability available for fat tire bikes. Another HUGE advantage of the OSD is it allows for the use of a short wheelbase not available with jackshaft style set ups. This bike being only 4 inches over stock keeps the bike handling well. The rear drive assembly on our SSS [single sided swingarm] is built to perform and be ridden hard using the best bearings, spindle, splines, radial mount rear brake caliper and cush drive assy.

If you want a great looking custom bike but want a reliable, great handling machine that you can feel comfortable to ride the way a sportbike was intended HARD give us a call and we will build it for you or supply you with the correct products and customer support to make it happen.

Call Roaring Toyz at 941-953-4423 or email brad@roaringtoyz.com



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